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We all know how society, and the politicians in the big seats, are rubbing the fact that we are economically recessing and the fight for jobs or promotions is rising at epic proportions. This mad dash for the top spots within a company has caused quite a stir among project and risk management specialists due mainly to the rise of internal threats, such as employee theft and dishonesty. How can one invoke a plan to either completely negate these employee heists, or at least create an awareness around upper management to get plans in place to make employees stop? Certainly there are reasons for this type of issue, and perhaps they are imminent.

In looking at the rise of employee theft of money or property, it should first be examined exactly what kind of pay, incentives and other perks are being given to the employee as compensation for their works. If the company has blatantly forgotten to evaluate the employee for a possible pay increase based on performance, then it is no wonder an employee is doing other illegal acts to make ends meet: the company is virtually forcing these workers to do such. Make sure that each position has weighed out what the job is worth along with incentives to look forward to. Look closely at the economy and make sure that fairness in pay structure is being met; otherwise, you will probably endure continual dishonesty no matter how many employees you burn through.

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Next task to tackle in the risk management game is to check out the current method of hiring new employees. Are the proper background checks being executed to insure that thieves are not hired, violent felons are discluded and those with drug habits are not hired? Risk management is more than simply weighing losses and gains; it entails prudent hiring practices that include protecting the other employees and assets, and by not enforcing a method of records evaluation into the hiring process, you are risking people and money. Make sure to brainstorm a simple method to quickly access criminal records, even if it's being conducted by an assistant during an interview. At least the perspective employee may know ahead of time that the company is serious about protecting the inner sanctum.

Finally, make sure that a plan is in place specifying one person or location for all monies to be sourced to - for example, a safe, room, or a direct run to the bank several times a day. The sole responsibility of that person is monies; this way, the issue of how things are disappearing can be isolated to one person rather than too many people touching the pot, per se. Reducing risks by watching who you hire, how you take care of who you have already hired, and having a streamlined process of handling assets such as money will significantly reduce, if not eradicate, the risk of losing money, which will inevitably keep a safe work place for everyone as well as promote loyalty amongst the masses.

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